Since I had to work
The one who wants to succeed will find a way. The one who wants to do nothing finds an excuse. Proverb
   Every stage of my professional life was chosen by my personal journey but nevertheless, every time, I rose to the challenge that was asked of me. Still today, it warms me to think of all these experiences which has enriched me, I give thanks to the people I’ve met, those who trained me, those that I trained, the satisfied customers that I served, the pupils who gave me their trust.

   If I quickly look back on my first "job" when as a student I was a seller in a fast food chain, I do not forget the discipline and the precious rules of teamwork which I was taught during this period. It was to give me my first indication that I was very much at ease with my colleagues and clientele. I nevertheless started my career in a very different sector, the social sector. While I was studying English, I had accepted a nightshift job, where I was looking after teenagers with social and comportment problems in an Institution. I did not know then that I would stay there for ten years. I was very young at that time but learnt the sense of responsibility and acquired a certain pedagogy. I also had the opportunity to be trained in first aid and in fire protection. Ten years into this singular night work where my emotions were having quite a hard time, I found myself changing course, surprisingly from the social sector to trade. Chance or consequences, I could not tell, but I left the night for the day and the solitude for the effervescent teamwork of the largest sports chain in Europe. Everything was not “Roses” racing for the turnover, grumpy customers, managers who came and went at the rate of the seasons and incentive bonuses which almost never arrived. Nevertheless, I keep excellent memories of the four years I stayed there. I learnt a lot, starting with the product I had to sell. Very quickly, I became an expert in all aspects of hiking equipment and clothing, then sales trainer, and staff representative. It was a very dynamic job and the atmosphere within the team was very rewarding. I was back to the customer contact that I loved so much.

   This is when my personal life put me on the road of an uncertain direction. Geographical movements imposed by my family situation propelled me on to an even more dynamic activity, I became a sales representative. The difference was strongly felt. From work that was very much supervised in a department store, I ended up alone behind my steering wheel, travelling through counties to sell food. There, I discovered courage and a cool head for decision-making but there was also solitude and sometimes a certain doubt. I developed my endurance, my perseverance. I understood that I also had a price and I answered favourably to the proposals of hiring which valued my skills. From the commercial ground, I became manager of sales on the Internet.
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And then I became a writer
If we want to obtain something that we have never had, it is necessary to try something that we have never made.           Pericles
   To sell on the Internet is a wild sport and to stand out from the rest, is a real wager. It has added a feather in my cap.

   Finally, I had had enough this exhausting race, of this permanent struggle to pass in front of the others, I was tired, I wanted to settle. I decided to take back an idea that I had cherished a few years before, to tell the story of people’s lives, to collect their life testimonials. I had tried but failed earlier, certainly due to a lack of maturity, but I wanted to make a success of it, now that I had gained so much experience. I liked writing, but especially I knew how to listen to people.

   I created my biographer's company in 2007 and the success was immediate. Isn’t life all about taking its course to perfection? I have written more than fifty books, biographies, but also novels. Ghost writer, a strange denomination, but the job is fascinating. I have led writing workshops and have met many interesting people. Because of the nature of this job, it has nothing of the solitary wolf we usually imagine. Here I am today, still very passionate and I have not yet explored all the facets of this profession and I still enjoy an advanced enthusiasm for my future meetings.
Writer biographer  
At present:  
Biographies, lectures, speeches.  
Coordinator of a project of strategic partnership supported by Eramus +  
Trainer of English through of the theatre 

Since 2007  

Votre Biographie Edition: Family Biographies for private individuals or to be published.
Plume d’Elephant  
Biographies and works of fiction: More than fifty books written up till now 
Creation: Screenwriting for a project of television series  
Translation: Biography of Eminem for an American publishing house. (From English towards French, 198 pages).  
Town hall of Bordeaux:
2007/2008 workshop facilitation, writing of a fiction with the senior’s citizen "Workshop of the diverted memories".
2008/2009 Conduct of a writing workshop for the senior pole "theatrical writing". Writing of a play performed in 2010.
2009-2010: New contract of animation and order of a new play.  
Editorial: editorial for a municipal newspaper. Editorial for an African diplomatic councillor. 
Publishing and of conception: paper and digital books.  
Administrative assistance 
Support for authors: rewriting, conception, graphics and edition.  
Société Methodia: workshop facilitation in elimination of illiteracy for adults  
Writing workshop: Dégrip Plume 
Assistant in English through theatre 

Horse Data Services (2006-2007) Manager of sales 

Chanfreau Casset  (2005-2006) Sales representative

Toulouse Viandes Distribution (2004-2005) Sales representative 

Decathlon Bordeaux Lac (2000-2004) Saleswoman, trainer  
IMP  Château Tujean - Association du Prado33 (1989-2000 )  Caretaker (nightshift job)
Mac Donald's (1987-1989 )  employee, trainer of new employees.
Writer biographer since 2007
I work remotely or by appointment and can travel throughout France
More than fifty books written to this day.
Personalized work: creation and composition, reviewed by a professional proofreader. Confidentiality and responsibility guaranteed.
By taking the risk of engaging a writer, you will have the boldness to offer your company a communication of quality.